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    • A key review of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems 

      Biyik, E.; Araz, M.; Hepbasli, A.; Shahrestani, M.; Yao, R.; Oliveira, A.C.; Del Cano, T.; Rico, E.; Lechon, J.L.; Andrade, L.; Mendes, A.; Atli, Y.B. (ELSEVIER - DIVISION REED ELSEVIER INDIA PVT LTD, 2017)
      Renewable and sustainable energy generation technologies have been in the forefront due to concerns related to environment, energy independence, and high fossil fuel costs. As part of the EU's 2020 targets, it is aimed to ...
    • Implementation of machine learning algorithms for gait recognition 

      Kececi, A.; Yildirak, A.; Ozyazici, K.; Ayluctarhan, G.; Agbulut, O. (ELSEVIER - DIVISION REED ELSEVIER INDIA PVT LTD, 2020)
      The basis of biometric authentication is that each person's physical and behavioural characteristics can be accurately defined. Many authentication techniques were developed over the years. Human gait recognition is one ...